Auto Electrical Service


Car refusing to start? Battery always going flat ? Maybe it's time you paid some attention to your car's auto-electrics ?

The Auto-electrical system is all linked together -

When you turn the key -  Your Battery supplies the power that the engine needs to start - The Solenoid then delivers the power from the Battery to the Starter motor and the Starter Motor starts your engine, The Alternator then recharges the battery using power from the engine while you are driving.

Other parts of the Auto-electrical system include :

  • Voltage Regulator - maintains the proper voltage level in the system
  • Fuse Panel - contains the fuses for each electrical component in the car.
  • Connectors and Wires - connect everything together..

Each part of the auto electrical system connects to the other, and if one part malfunctions it can affect the other parts too - making it even harder to determine exactly what the problem is, especially if you're not an Auto-electrical expert.

Schwarz Motor repairs are Auto Electrical experts, and we can diagnose and repair auto-electrical issues in all makes and models.

If you would like to talk about an Auto -Electrical service for your car - Call us today or fill in our handy contact form and one of our friendly staff will contact you to answer your questions.


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